Deep Purple whitening shampoo


Stand out from the crowd with our brand new Deep Purple Whitening Shampoo.  Our enhanced formula neutralises and lifts out yellow staining and other marks on white/grey coats without damaging the hair or skin.

With a relaxing lavender fragrance, this shampoo makes bathing a luxiourious experience as well as getting them as white as white.  Can be diluted for general washing or used neat on particularly difficult staining.

For very yellow tails, use neat and directly on the tail. You may need to wash several times during the week prior to a show.   Rub the hair together and lather in well, leave on for a few minutes, rinse and repeat. Spin tail to get worst of the water out, and then apply Smart Grooming’s Super Shine lotion or spray in “Tame the Mane”.  Then brush out carefully and leave to dry.  This will then protect the hair from further staining.



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